“Part of the reason I joined JWS way back in the Winter of 2013 was because I had just had my first child, pictured, Juliana Grace. I was lost. I was 270lbs, coming off of a painful 2 year struggle with infertility and subsequent marital problems. I joined JWS because I wanted to be strong and confident and healthy. I wanted my daughter and any other children I had to look up at me and say wow, my mom is tough stuff!

Since I joined, I can’t even count the miles I’ve run, the friends I’ve made, and the confidence I’ve gained. I think I may actually feel like a little bit of a bad ass. Here’s a picture of this morning. Not-so-baby Juliana Grace’s first official race with Mommy. It was the proudest 28-minute mile I’ve ever run.” –

Jennifer Grom, Dumont, NJ

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Just want you to know how grateful I am to have hooked up with you and the group. It is exactly what I have been looking for for a very long time and I’m having so much fun feeling great and meeting really cool people

Jeannie P.Kindergarten teacher, blogger and author of "Lessons Learned: The Kindergarten Survival Guide

I joined JWS simply to help motivate myself to exercise and shed some pounds. Not only did I lose weight but I found great, supportive friends and I developed a love of running for the first time in my life. Then…I joined boot camp.  I’ve seen more results from several months of boot camp than I have from a year of doing “everything else.”  Thank you Dana and JWS!

Mariquit C.Finance

Joining the Jersey Women Strong team under Dana White’s leadership has been truly life changing! More than just a running group, it’s been, for me,  a network of Moms who support each other both out there on the run and off. From cheering you on as you cross your first finish line, to helping you juggle being a mom, finding the time for fitness and even offering the occasional glass of wine and a shoulder to lean on, these are a group of women who are there for you. Whether you walk, run slowly or finish the race first, this is the place to be. I’ve made countless friends and have created countless memories and good habits all thanks to this group.

Jennifer RoeProducer/Co-Founder of From Fat to Finish Line (

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